Popsicle Run! Board Game

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It's a race to seeĀ who can get to the popsicle cart first! This full-color printable is easy to assemble so you can be playing this simpleĀ game with your preschoolers in just minutes of preparation. As you advance around the colorful board, you'll practice counting, number recognition, and basic board game rules like getting an extra turn, skipping a turn, and going back or forward extra spaces.

    What's Included in the Popsicle Run! Board Game

    2 printable pages:

    • 1 - board game
    • 1 - spinner with numbers 1-5
    • 6 - game pieces

    Usage Tips

    • You'll need to supply a paperclip and paper brad to finish the spinner.
    • To make the board and pieces more durable, Milestone Mom suggests printing the pages onto cardstock.
    • For long-term use, laminate theĀ board and the playing pieces.

    Purchase Notice

    Popsicle Board Game is an instant digital download (PDF); nothing will be mailed.