Opposite Cards

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Use these adorably illustrated printable cards to learn common opposites:

  • hot and cold
  • old and young
  • out and in
  • soft and hard
  • +20 more pairs!

Each card shows both traits in a matching duo of full-color cartoon-style graphics so the distinction is instantly clear.

Extension Ideas

  • Print two copies and play a matching game with the¬†cards.
  • Tape the cards onto objects in your house and have your child guess which word from the card suits the object.¬†¬†¬†

Usage Tips

  • To make the cards more durable, Milestone Mom suggests printing them onto cardstock and then laminating the 24 cards after you cut them out.

What's Included in the Opposite Cards


  • 24 oversized opposite cards, each 1/4 page size

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