English & Spanish Spring Puzzle Cards

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Learn 20 spring-themed vocabulary words in both English and Spanish:

  1. tree
  2. garden
  3. seedling
  4. flowers
  5. rainbow
  6. umbrella
  7. kite
  8. rain
  9. chick
  10. bunny
  11. caterpillar
  12. butterfly
  13. grass
  14. frog
  15. galoshes
  16. puddle
  17. nest
  18. eggs
  19. chicks
  20. bird feeder

You get a total of 40 2-piece puzzles—one half in full color, and the other half in corresponding black and white outline. Match English to English or English to Spanish.

    Usage Tips

    • To make the cards more durable, Milestone Mom suggests printing them on cardstock and then laminating the pieces after you cut them out.

    What's Included in the English & Spanish Spring Puzzle Cards


    • 5 pages English (full color) to English (black and white) puzzle cards 
    • 5 pages English (full color) to Spanish (black and white) puzzle cards

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    English & Spanish Spring Puzzle Cards is an instant digital download (PDF); nothing will be mailed.