Animal (Capital) Letter and Word Practice Packet A-Z

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Practice recognizing and writing uppercase letters A to Z with this adorable full-color printable packet. The top of each page is decorated with the capital letter in wood along with an animal or two whose name starts with the same letter. 

For example:

  • The W page has both a walrus and a whale.
  • The L page has a lion.
  • The F page has a fox. 

Then each page has four lines for first tracing and then writing the capital letter.

At the bottom of each page, the name of the animal (or animals) is written in a dashed line, traceable font. 

    Usage Tips

    • Put the tracing sheets in page protector and use dry erase markers for easy clean up. 
    • Put all the page protectors in a three-ring notebook for an easy alphabet tracing binder you can use again and again!

    What's Included in the Animal Letter and Word Practice Packet A-Z

    26 PAGES IN ALL | 1 Page per letter of the alphabet, A to Z.

    Purchase Notice

    Animal Letter and Word Practice Packet A-Z is an instant digital download (PDF); nothing will be mailed.