Fall Counting Packet

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Use this fall-themed printable packet for preschool number recognition and counting from 1 to 10. Look at the large number on each page. Then put that many leaves (cut-outs included) onto the grid below.

Usage Tips

  • To make the pages more durable, Milestone Mom suggests first printing them on cardstock and then laminating them.
  • Make shapes or balls out of Play-Doh to place on each square as you count.
  • Form the Play-Doh into the different numbers that you see on each sheet.
  • Use markers or dot paint to¬†fill in each number.

What's Included in the Fall Counting Packet 


  • 10 pages of numbers 1-10 with illustration, large numeral and a 10-part grid
  • 1 page of counting leaves

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