Fall Preschool Bundle - 157 Pages!

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Teach your preschooler with this mega bundle of 17 different activities centered on a fall theme including illustrations of acorns, autumn leaves, and pumpkins. Practice counting, letter and word recognition, sorting, and reading with these preschool printables designed for ages 2-5. Some activities may be easier or more difficult for your child, depending on ability. 

    Usage Tips

    • To make the cards more durable, Milestone Mom suggests printing on cardstock and/or laminating the pieces after you cut them out.
    • Put the tracing sheets in page protectors and use dry erase markers for easy clean-up.¬†

    What's Included in the Fall Preschool Bundle

    157 PAGES IN ALL

    • 26 pages - Letter Recognition
    • 26 pages -¬†Word Recognition
    • 1 page -¬†Fall Bucket List¬†
    • 11¬†pages -¬†Fall Counting¬†
    • 2 pages - Clip It Cards - 2 Pages
    • 4 pages - Collect the Pumpkins¬†
    • 1 page -¬†Count Your Pumpkin Seeds
    • 15 pages -¬†Variety of Fall Activities¬†
    • 10¬†pages -¬†Create and Read Your Own Fall Book¬†
    • 2 pages -¬†Leaf Counting
    • 6 pages -¬†Fall Letter & Number Flashcards
    • 4¬†pages -¬†Fall Lace Cards¬†
    • 9 pages -¬†Fall Puzzles
    • 16 pages -¬†Fall Tracing Pages
    • 10¬†pages -¬†Thanksgiving Color By Number
    • 6 pages -¬†Halloween Color By Number
    • 8¬†pages -¬†Fall Cutting Skills

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    The Fall Preschool Bundle is an instant digital download (7 PDFs); nothing will be mailed.