The Mayflower Activity Pack

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Learn the history of the Pilgrims who journeyed from England to North America in The Mayflower ship. Then test your understanding with six questions. Study the parts of the ship and then apply that understanding by labeling the parts and putting the sails on the ship template. You'll have a cool papercraft model of The Mayflower!

Learn these vocabulary words:

  • poop house
  • crew cabin
  • steerage room
  • forecastle
  • gun room
  • gun deck
  • cargo hold
  • ballast

    What's Included in the The Mayflower Activity Pack


    • 1 coversheet
    • 3 pages - simple history background
    • 1 page - diagram of The Mayflower
    • 1 page - 6 comprehension cards
    • 2 pages - The Mayflower ship papercraft

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